Note Tombo is compatible tools available on Android.
Has been developed with the goal of getting close to Tombo function.

Detailed Features:

- folder can be managed in the form of a note of multiple text files.
- The auto-generated from the title of the note (the first line of the memo) the name of the file note.
- (compatible Tombo) You can encrypt the text file.
- The format of the memo file, you can use either plain text(.txt), encrypted text(.chi .chs).
- Note: encryption is compatible with randomization of the file name(.chs).
- You can find that contain the specified letter, the cipher text and plain text.
- You can enter the boilerplate in the editor. Boilerplate fixes from the configuration, can be added.
- From other applications, it can start as a viewer of a plain text (.txt) and an encryption text (.chi .chs).
- Encoding of the memo file is compatible with UTF-16LE shift JIS, and UTF-8.
- <1.12 or later> Note files can be sent and received using such as Gmail.

Tags: くまぐす tombo , くまぐす dropbox , メモアプリ 暗号化

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