Learn SAP Crystal Reports 2011



Over the series of 128 lessons, Guy Vacarro demonstrates how to use Crystal to manipulate data in a number of ways: creating list reports, grouped reports, form letters, summary reports with drill-downs and more. The course provides advice on using formulas to calculate new data, using filters to sort relevant data, and adding graphics and design elements to enhance the appearance of reports.
The Crystal Reports 2011 training follows a logical progression. After a basic introduction, the first lessons show how to create a report from scratch. Then, viewers learn how to format the appearance of the report, sort data within the report, and filter data as needed. The next tutorials look at grouping data, working with special fields and creating summaries that break own vast amounts of information into usable, actionable points. The more advanced chapters then go into actively linking a report to databases and servers and implementing formulas in a report, and the last section covers distribution, from exporting to email to placing reports onto servers where the right personnel can review results.
“Like our previous Crystal Reports tutorials, the new training is designed to familiarize the user with a complete workflow from raw data to presentation,” said Chris Johns, content coordinator for InfiniteSkills. “To make getting hands-on even easier, each chapter includes usable files that match the exact examples used by Guy onscreen.”

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