If you have a Learner Driver Permit then LearnerLog can help make logging your driving time effortless. Just enter your starting odometer reading and start driving. When you’re finished driving select the driving conditions and the other entries are filled in automatically using data collected from the GPS in your Android device. LearnerLog keeps a complete history of your driving experience. A summary of your driving time is displayed on the front screen and each lesson can be reviewed and edited. You can even see your driving path on Google Maps. LearnerLog has the flexibility to let you make manual entries or to adjust the automatic records.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Video demo of LearnerLog:

Video on setting up LearnerLog for the first time:
http://youtu.be/wOgCF_reWe0 <-- New video showing changed user interface

*** Features ***
* Keeps a complete record of your driving experience
* Automatic logging of driving time
* Supports additional hours for structured lessons from professional instructors
* See at a glance how much driving time has been logged
* Show how many hours have and haven’t been recorded in your official log book.
* Supports multiple Supervising Drivers and vehicles
* Make manual entries
* Edit the automatic entries to adjust the driving time
* Output log to a csv file for analysis or printing
* Send details of each log entry by email
* See on Google Maps where you have driven
* Backup and restore
* Graceful recovery from Force Close or power loss.

*** Description ***
If you are a learner driver, or are supervising a learner driver, then LearnerLog can help you keep track of your time. Using the GPS in your Android device, LearnerLog can track each driving lesson and automatically fill in most of the details required for your official log book. LearnerLog will automatically fill in:
- the day and night driving time
- a description of the trip
- start and end times of the lesson
- the default Supervising Driver
- the default Vehicle
- the starting and finishing odometer readings based on the distance travelled and either the starting odometer reading entered by the user or the last known reading for the selected vehicle.

LearnerLog keeps a running tally on the screen of all your driving time so you can always see how you are going against your target.

LearnerLog keeps track of which entries have been recorded in your official log book and those that haven’t. Log entries can be also be added manually, edited or deleted.

LearnerLog can be configured for multiple Supervising Drivers and multiple vehicles. A Supervising Driver and vehicle can be nominated as the default for each log entry.

LearnerLog can send via email, a csv file containing all log entries, sorted in chronological order, for analysis in a spreadsheet or for printing and checking against your official log book. The csv file contains page totals and running totals. The number of log entries per page is user configurable to match your official log book.

LearnerLog captures a detailed record of your driving lesson so that you can review it later on a Google Maps interface.

LearnerLog has several methods of backing up your log book:
* Automatically send an email containing full details of the lesson when it is entered.
* Backup/Restore the full log using the SD Card in your android device.
* Send an email containing the full log as a csv file.

LearnerLog was designed for use by Learner Drivers in NSW Australia, however, it already records most of the data required by all Australian states. Future versions will allow the user to customise for their state.

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