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+ By Lexmark International, Inc.

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View bigger - Lexmark Mobile Printing for Android screenshot
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Review the list below to see if your printer is supported by this app.

Print PDF documents and image files such as JPG from your mobile device on supported Lexmark printers and multifunction devices, no PC required.

The Lexmark Mobile Printing app lets you send documents and images directly to a Lexmark device connected to your business or home network. When you are ready to print, simply share the file with the Lexmark Mobile Printing app. You will be prompted to choose a printer through network search, QR Code discovery, or by manually entering the printer’s IP address, hostname or URL. The Lexmark Mobile Printing app lets you set the number of copies, duplex, and number of pages per side for each print job.

Supported Printers

This app works with Lexmark printers and multifunction products that support IPP network printing and Direct Image printer language. This currently includes the following devices:

Lexmark OfficeEdge Pro 4000
Lexmark OfficeEdge Pro 5500
Lexmark Pro715
Lexmark Pro915
Lexmark S315
Lexmark S415
Lexmark S515


Lexmark C520 Series and Higher
Lexmark C740 Series
Lexmark E460 Family and Higher
Lexmark T640 Series and Higher
Lexmark W840 Family and Higher
Lexmark X360 Series
Lexmark X460 Series
Lexmark X544/X546 Family
Lexmark X548 Family
Lexmark X640 Series
Lexmark X650 Series
Lexmark X730 Series
Lexmark X740 Series
Lexmark X792 Family
Lexmark X850 Series
Lexmark X860 Series
Lexmark X925de
Lexmark X940 Series
Lexmark X950 Series
Lexmark CS310 Series
Lexmark CS410 Series
Lexmark CS510 Series
Lexmark CX310 Series
Lexmark CX410 Series
Lexmark CX510 Series
Lexmark MS510 Series
Lexmark MS610 Series
Lexmark MS710 Series
Lexmark MS711 Series
Lexmark MS810 Series
Lexmark MS811 Series
Lexmark MS812 Series
Lexmark MX310 Series
Lexmark MX410 Series
Lexmark MX510 Series
Lexmark MX511 Series
Lexmark MX610 Series
Lexmark MX611 Series
Lexmark MX710 Series
Lexmark MX711 Series
Lexmark MX810 Series
Lexmark MX811 Series
Lexmark MX812 Series

Supported Document Types

Supported Image Formats

Discovery Methods

Search – You can search your network to add printers to the Lexmark Mobile Printing app. When you search the network your smartphone or tablet and the Lexmark print device must be on the same subnet of the network.

QR Code – Most Lexmark laser printers are capable of installing the Lexmark QR Code Generator app that automatically displays the IP address or hostname of the printer on the printer’s touch screen. If you do not have a Lexmark laser printer that supports the QR Code Generator app, then you can generate your own QR Code using any of the free applications available online. The Lexmark Mobile Printing app will scan the QR Code and automatically add the Lexmark print device.

Manual – You can add a printer by manually entering the print device’s IP address, hostname, or URL.

For more information visit http://www.Lexmark.com/mobile.

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Comments and ratings for Lexmark Mobile Printing
  • (35 stars)

    by Birk Binnard on 27/06/2014

    My printer is network attached and works with no problem from my Nexus 5 phone with this app installed. The key is to use the share button with whatever image or document you want to print. After picking share you then select the printer and send the documents directly to the printer. It prints perfectly.

  • (35 stars)

    by Dougie Wotherspoon on 27/06/2014

    Crap crap crap

  • (35 stars)

    by aaron talle on 21/06/2014

    i installed read the directions and tried it out it did not work with cm browser but worked fine with chrome browser fix this ill rate 5 star

  • (35 stars)

    by Tomy Ferdian on 21/06/2014

    Dear lexmark, please fix it for model Z1420. Thanks!

  • (35 stars)

    by Priyanshu Sinha on 15/06/2014


  • (35 stars)

    by James Zachary on 09/06/2014

    not for everybody or it would be great lol if they wore ..any, to be able to utilize this on any thing rolling out like how this here app would download to a Samsung but alass was actually not able toooo be'eeee utilized wow an thanks name brand if this stupid cool printer fualters

  • (35 stars)

    by Mariah Rosenthal on 07/06/2014

    I have an Impact S305, and it's sadly not on this list of supported devices. If there's any way you could make it compatable, that would be perfect! I'm constantly editing documents on my Note3, and it's time consuming having to email the documents to myself, then getting on a computer to print the document. Support for older printers would make this so much better!