Livestock Auction Calculator L



Livestock Auction Calculator L (LACL) is designed to enhance purchasing at livestock auctions by reducing the time spent performing complex calculations. Consequently, you should have more time to inspect livestock and consider making a bid.

Throughout an auction, LACL can be used to dynamically calculate:
* Price per head ($) when livestock are auctioned on an individual per weight (₵) basis
* Price per pen ($) when livestock are auctioned on an individual per head ($) or weight (₵) basis.

LACL is easy to use because it has:
* Big buttons
* Big displays
* Instructions.

To use LACL, head of livestock, average weight (if prices are determined on an individual per weight basis) and bid are set prior to, or during, an auction using virtual number pad. Two prices, per head and per pen, are calculated as you enter information. During an auction, prices can be updated by 1, 5, 10 or 25 units, which are either ₵ (per weight) or $ (per head).

Jarrad Grant and Peter Lines are thanked for their assistance with graphics and design. Robert Henry is thanked for his advice. Georgia Henry is thanked because she is awesome. LACL was initiated by Joseph Henry following an auction of cattle at Braidwood, NSW, Australia.

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