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Finally, an Android Web Editing program that is in Real Time! Edit your HTML, CSS, and even jQuery.
You can now create your designs and widgets without going back and forth on a browser. Changes are instantly made, and view able to the right side. Instantly start programming HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. Offline access too! You just need to have internet access for jQuery results. Live Web Editor is perfect for programmers who like to design new widgets when you're not in front of a desktop.

**Only for 10"+ tablets! No one can do some serious programming on their phones!**

**I recommend using a keyboard for faster results**

Yes, i'll be updating very soon, I'll be including Saving (local), Loading, Sharing, and some other nice snippets. Tell me what you think, I'd love to hear some feedback.

-Syntax Highlighting
-Savable source code
-FTP access (i prefer SSH).
-CodePen exporting (hopefully)
-Larger textboxes for code

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