Local Notes Pro



Trigger notes to a location on map and get notified when near them. This app is useful for remembering things that are tied to a certain location, for example, remembering to buy flowers when at the mall.

Local Notes lets you create a note with a subject and a message, and tie it into a map area. When you enter that area, you will get a notification sent to your phone's status bar, with some smooth sounds and good vibrations if you want. Also text-to-speech is available so the notifications are read to you when triggered (requires TTS to be installed, check the device settings).

Notes are created easily: Just press the new note button, write the texts you want to include in the note, set a location trigger and save.

You can also create presets. Presets are notes with no trigger set. When needed, just set a trigger to a preset and the note is activated.

- Create and delete notes
- Create and delete presets
- Define how to get notified: Vibration and/or ring alarm
- Read messages aloud when triggered (unlock from settings, needs TTS installed on device)
- Set a map trigger with custom range

New advanced features should be coming soon to this Pro version!

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