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A condition plugin for Locale which can check if your calendar contains an appointment. Can be used to e.g. set the phone to silent mode whenever your work calendar contains an appointment. You can set the plugin to ignore appointments that contain certain words (e.g. 'traveling') or those that span a whole day.

Please note that this plugin requires Locale from two forty four a.m. LLC.

Release Notes
0.8.7: allow using all synced calendars as basis of conditions, even those that are not displayed in the calendar app

0.8.5: fixed a bug preventing the plugin from recognizing some events in the background

0.8.4: Fix some crashes
- support for lead times longer than 24 hours
- text conditions (e.g. "Title contains") can now check for exact phrase. Enclose phrase in double quotes (e.g. "just a test")

0.8.2 / 0.8.1a:
- Fixed overlapping version ranges for the different plugins, providing each version with a different version number.
- Redesigned GUI to make better use of bigger screens
- lead time is no longer limited to a fixed list of choices
- minimum Android version is now 2.2 (Froyo)
- supports Android 4.0

- Final version for Android 1.5 - Android 2.1, only change from 0.7.1 is in the App description for the Market limiting the supported Android versions.
- No functional changes, only enabled logging output due to the problems some users have with the plugin condition changes not being picked up by Locale.
- Checking title / location for more than one word is now supported: Separate words with a comma.
- Checking availability status of calendar (free / busy) is now supported.

- Checking whether the event's location contains / does not contain certain words is now supported.
- Preview includes availability status and location.
- The calendar selection is no longer lost when the screen is rotated.

0.5.1: New menu item allows testing the settings against the selected calendars' next events.

- Now allows more than one calendar to be selected.
- Added option to check if title contains one or more words.
- Removed option 'Calendar state' which was used check if the calendar contains an entry or not.

0.4.2: Improved calendar queries to reduce likelihood of errors
0.4.1: Fixed a bug causing a "force close" when calendar check doesn't return any entries
0.4: Fixed a bug preventing plugin from recognizing calendar entries if there was no text given in option "Event title must not contain:".

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