Location Tracker




Get this great application to track and locate your employees, family members, friends and loved ones with their current position or movement history .The application lets you see the exact location of the person you want to track on Google map and also shows the route traveled by the person on www.locationtracker.com website.

Get this application for efficient mobile employee force management and gps location tracking.It provides high accuracy and exact time of location check ins . All you have to do is install this application and using the unique activation code generated for you , install and activate this application in your employee's phone using the activation code .


- Locate your sales execute fired force on real time basis.

- Track movements and visits made during any period of time.

- Auto generate expense reports based on travel records.

- Alerts on sms/email

- High accuracy of location and live tracking.

- Supports autostart

- Provides details like speed, elevation, battery level, etc.

- Latest route traversed displayed on the map.

- Completely AD FREE application!!


- Sales force track

- GPS tracker

- Mobile based tracker

- Live tracking

- Real Time Tracking

Note: Please keep the application updated for new upgrades.