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The only brightness control application you can just fire and forget.
More control. More battery. More comfort.

★★★★★ Robert Kauf
Great app Does what is's suppose to, easy to set up and you can forget about it afterwards, just see the difference in battery life

★★★★★ Chaney Wormington
Best auto brightness Adjusts to individual light sensor ranges automatically, only auto brightness I've found that does this.

★★★★★ Václav Vlček
Really helpful Used few apps to manage autobrightness, but this one is offering most and really works. Can really recommend!


Lumos is fully customizable automatic backlight level manager. We focus on minimal CPU usage and maximum battery saving while maintaining great backlight change smoothness and responsiveness.

Lumos combines the best from all available auto-backlight solutions in a simple to use package and adds many extras for your tweaking needs. Its core is inspired by the original highly-rated application for Windows Mobile, many users considered Lumos to be essential app.

- extremely low CPU usage
- NO battery or CPU overhead (drain) unless you actively use your device's display
- simple yet powerful configuration GUI with easy step-by-step calibration process
- many options that let you change every aspect of how your backlight works
- program exceptions to set different backlight for any application
- relative exceptions allow you to amplify/attenuate the automatic backlight for specific applications
- custom backlight profiles
- great customer support with an issue/request tracking system

- a light sensor (Settings - Display - Brightness allows auto mode)
- managable display brightness
- you may need root access to control button/keyboard lights

Confirmed upcoming features:
- ability to force display ALWAYS ON for specific application
- support for more languages
- expand the number of devices that support button management

If you have any problems, please leave a message in the bug tracker at

Lumos. The smart auto-backlight manager your battery will thank you for.

~ Enjoy :)

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