Malt Potential Extract Calc



Malt potential extract - potential SG - is the main information you need during homebrew receipt tuning process in order to determine the Original Gravity (OG).
For each malt you indicate in your receipt, you always should have to answer to a simple question: how much (potential) extract do I expect to get? If you hit an high accuracy in malt potential gravity, you can hope (only hope) to control the process in a more effective way.
How many times did you read or write or repeat such basic sentences? Usually, using some homebrewing software, you find malt potential SG's are clearly specified. Of course they are referred to the "tipical" value for any kind of malt, not to real potential extract present in malt you are currently managing. Such real values are often available in some malt analysis sheets provided by the malster.
This app aims to provide you with a measure of the malt potential extract based on analysis data declared by the malsters.

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