MapGo GIS Data Collection



** New WMS editing interface. **
** Improve user interface for smartphone. **

★ Easily add data collection. ★
★ Google Earth KML export. ★
★ Best OGC WMS client for Android. ★
★ Access your own WMS Layers. ★

MapGo GIS is an easy app of mobile map to use with notepad.
It integrated the maps you own, and you can record maps quickly on your mobile device.
When you back to office, MapGo GIS can easily link up your work.
MapGo GIS can enhance your work efficiency.

● Access your own GIS Map Services (WMS Layers).
● Projects collection and editing.
● Use your GPS or the map to collect GIS data.

● Attach photos to what you collect.
● Google Earth KML export.
● Display and zoom to selection location.
● Friendly Map Tools: Layers,Area Measure,Distance Measure and Extent etc.
● Lat/Lon locate and google geocoding.
● Supports all size of Android devices.

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