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Maps Reminder is an application that will help you remember to do something, when you are near a particular place.

If you're looking for a location alert, GPS alarm, geographic alert or for an area alert you've found right app !!

For holiday or business you're in a strange city, and want that when you're near a supermarket your device remember you to buy bread? Maps Reminder will help do this by storing up to 60 supermarkets present in an area of up to 20 miles from the location where you are and with a notification alerting you when are near one of these stores. Finally not live without bread!

Make a note and choose the kind of place to which to associate your reminder:

- Select location from a list of points of interest most commonly used: for example, choose supermarket and Maps Reminder will find all the supermarkets present in your vicinity. [need an online connection]

- If the place you are looking for is not present in the points of interest, you can perform a manual search customized, for example type hairdresser, and Maps Reminder will find all the hairdressers near you. [requires an online connection]

- If you need to add a reminder of a place you already know, drag the note icon on the map, exactly where you want. [Once you have downloaded maps of the area FREE OF CHARGE, you can use this section also OFF-LINE]

As soon as you arrive in the vicinity of any supermarket, Maps Reminder will alert you with a notification in the status bar. Tapping this will open a map where you can see your current position, the orientation of your device and where is located the nearest supermarket.


- Multilanguage [English | Italian ]

- Create a memo that's automatically saved in your device. After you can browse, edit, re-associate it to a place or delete it completely.

- When creating a new reminder, or even after recovering a reminder that saved, you must connect the memo to a place in one of the following ways:

* From a list of points of interest, selected among the most common [only in ONLINE mode]

* Through a manual and personalized web search [only in ONLINE mode]

* Or by dragging the note icon directly over the map. [Also in OFFLINE]

- Unlike other applications of this type that restrict binding of your reminder to a single destination, Maps Reminder will search for you a list of places (up to 60) that can meet your research and to alert you every time you're in vicinity of one of these points.

- Ability to DOWNLOAD MAP AREA for places connected with a reminder to SEE OFFLINE MAP.

- Reminder notification over system status bar. Touch this, and device open the map view of the current position and orientation of the device, where you can find all place that have previously searched.

- Use of "OpenStreetMap", a free worldwide map, created by people like you.

- UI optimized to support any device: from smartphones with small screen to the TABLET.

Attention. Using this application in the background, the battery consumption is increased by about 6% | 7% per hour.

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