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    Master Control uses your voice to locate relevant information from sources like Google, Wikipedia, and Maps. Scroll down for a list of commands and examples.

    Now with "Phone Home - Find Your Lost Phone"

    General Commands:
    "Help" - Return to this Screen
    "Click" - Notification Activation
    "SMS" - Read New Messages
    "Shake" - Shake to Activate (eh...)
    "Phone Home" - Find Lost Phone
    "Change Name" - New Names
    "Quit" - Quit all MC Services
    "Cancel" - Cancel

    Audio Controls:
    "Play" - Pause/Resume Music
    "Pause" - Pause/Resume Music
    "Sleep" - Pause in 20 Minutes
    "Volume Up"
    "Volume Down"
    "Raise Volume"
    "Lower Volume"

    Media Search Commands:
    "Show me a picture of..."
    "Show me a video of..."
    "Show me news about..."

    Map Commands:
    "Where is ...?"
    "Where can I find...?"
    "Where can I get...?"
    "Where can I buy...?"
    "Where am I?"
    "Directions to..."

    Sports Commands
    "(Team Name) Score"
    "(Team Name) Schedule"
    "(Sporting Event) Results"

    Search Commands:
    Search for... (Something)
    "Google... (Anything)"
    "Wikipedia... (Topic/Subject)"
    "Tell me about..."
    "Who is...?"
    "Who was...?"
    "Who were...?"
    "What is...?"
    "What was...?"
    "What were...?"
    "What is a...?"
    "What is the...?"
    "When is...?"
    "Why is...?"
    "How is...?"

    Quick Browsing Commands:

    Ask Master Control these Questions:
    "Show me a Lady Gaga video"
    "Where can I get a pizza?"
    "Where can I get an oil change?"
    "Where can I buy Paint?"
    "Show me election news"
    "What time is it in London?"
    "What's the weather like in Rome?"
    "Where is Timbuktu?"
    "Who is Mickey Mouse?"
    "What is the Taj Mahal?"
    "Who were the Beatles?"
    "Tell me about World War II."
    "What was the Indians Score?"
    "When is the Yankees Games?"
    "What were the NASCAR results?"
    "Calculate 3052 divided by 264"
    "How far away is the moon?"
    "Show me a picture of Homer Simpson as Batman."

    Call/Text Commands:
    This command is a little different because it requires Google's voice search. If you would like to make a call or compose a message with Google's voice search, please follow these instructions:

    1. You Say: "Command"
    2. Master Control will says "Proceed"
    3. You Reply with :

    "Call (Contact Name)"
    "Text (Contact) What's up?"

    Optionally you can reply with:
    "Call (Contact) mobile"
    "Call (Contact) home"
    "Call (Contact) work"

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