Mathematical Calculator (free)



This calculator is the free version of the Mathematical Calculator . Key features are :

- Basic arithmetic operations for real and complex numbers on +, -, *, / , ( and ).

- Built-in function for scientific calculation such as sin, cos, tan, log, exp, sqrt, ln, pow etc.

- Use of percentage %

- Use of built-in functions, self-defined variables and functions on calculation (* Not activated in this version)

- Use of list (* Partial activated in this version)

- Solve linear equations with real / complex coefficients (* Not activated in this version)

- Basic unit conversion (* Not activated in this version)

- 2D Graphic plotting (* Not activated in this version)

- Batch processing of calculation using script file with save and load capability (* Not activated in this version)

- Statistics and Finance functions (Only descriptive statistics activated.)

- Support 2D Geometry construction (* Not activated in this version)

- Support propositional logic verification (* Not activated in this version)

- Small size, ad-free and no internet connection required.

Notices :

1. On first run, goto menu --> preferences to best fit the appearance of the calculator. The size of the calculator may be also scalable by moving two fingers apart when they both touched the screen.

2. To get an idea of the program, click 'F1' --> 'help' --> ')' --> 'Exec' and the help sheet would be appeared on the right-handed side of the calculator.

3. To run a calculation, type the formula and click 'Exec' button.

4. An official cookbook for Mathcalc can be found on the developer site.

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