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This app is designed to obtain an inverse matrix and a determinant from a square matrix. By example, in order to obtain an inverse matrix and determinant, you must type the matrix coeficients (whitespace separated):

1 1
1 -1

Make sure to write al matrix coeficients, otherwise you'll get wrong results.
This app is even able to solve linear equation systems represented by a matrix. By example, if we have the next system:

x + y = 2
x - y = 0

we can turn it into a 3x2 matrix:

1 1 2
1 -1 0

While solving this equation system, we'll also obtain its square inverse matrix and determinant, from the variable coeficients (x, y).
This app can solve any square matrix, and any linear equation system which involves n variables(n is suggested to be lower than 10).

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