Max Zs Values (pre-2015)




    Pre-amendment 3 version for looking up old Zs values for older installations, useful for checking if the installation complied with the max Zs values at the time of installation for installations designed before 2015. Old BS 7671 values.

    Maximum Zs Values
    Calculates maximum permitted Zs values for BS and BS EN devices, MCB's, RCBO's, Fuses and Manufacturer Specific Device values, specific values for RCD's in TT earthing systems, LV, REC Ze values....100% and 80% temperature adjusted values. (Pre-amendment 3)


    + BS EN Devices Zs values Calculator
    + Manufacturer specific device Zs values
    + REC Ze values
    + Calculate Zs values from known la ratings
    + Max Zs values for RCD's for TT earthing systems
    + 55 Volts single phase Zs values calculator
    + 63.5 Volts three phase Zs values calculator
    + RCD/RCBO Zs values calculator
    + BS fuses Zs values
    + 100% values
    + Temperature adjusted values
    + Zs values for 230v

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