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The integration with vendors/merchants is the key in moving the m-commerce system beyond just mobile banking which includes account balances, mini-statements, funds transfer and person to person payments.
With the m-commerce system, vendors (i.e. organisations that sell products) can be registered and their collection accounts (for funds) recorded. It is also possible to populate the m-commerce system with one or more products that the vendor might sell. Populating a small number of fixed products in this way can deliver m-commerce functionality and is suitable for:

• Airtime fixed price top-up
• Fixed parking values
• Fixed meter or utility recharge

Thus the m-commerce system makes a remote request to find products for a customer. These products are then formatted and presented to the customer on their mobile handset. Furthermore, once a customer has elected to buy the product or pay a bill, then the m-commerce system connects to the Merchant and ‘initiate fulfilment’, so that the product can be delivered to the customer. Finally, should the customer wish to cancel the order or reject a bill presented to them, the mcommerce system once again connects to the Merchant and instructs fulfilment cancellation and bill rejection.

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