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Full featured Universal Remote system for your PC! Great for Power point presentations, video conferencing and much more. Controls any PC running Windows. Special control layout for Windows MCE and XBMC. MAY NOT WORK WITH SOME NON-ENGLISH KEYBOARDS. Email if you have this issue.

Touchsquid knows you like to watch movies and TV shows on your Media PC or HTPC using apps like Windows Media Center, XBMC and Netflix.

This app turns your Android tablet into an awesome wireless mouse and keyboard. A breeze to set up and use.

It has a large track pad area, pop-up keyboard for text, and the extra keys that windows has but Android lacks. There is even a Windows Media Center button!

The Windows Media Center Remote screen has all the shortcuts assigned to buttons with appropriate icons. You still get mouse control and keyboard access. Just touch the little remote icon.

Step 1: Buy this app and install it.

Step2: Download and install our free Windows server from (must be exact including Capitals. MediaPC not mediapc)

Run the server, and leave it minimized. You can open it to adjust the mouse speed if needed. Support for gestures as follows:
Single tap -- Left mouse click
Double Tap -- Left mouse double click
Long Touch -- Right mouse click
Two fingers slide UP/DOWN -- Scroll wheel

Relax, grab a snack and beverage and settle down for some fun.

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