Meetings Are Evil



'Meetings Are Toxic' according to the bestselling books 'Getting Real' and 'Rework' by 37signals (purchase or read them online here:

Have you ever wondered how much time you and your company wastes on all those pointless unproductive meetings? Or maybe you're a manager looking to improve your team's performance by cutting down the over-talked meetings?

In either case you should check out this simple app. Just drag the wheel to select the number of participants, push 'Start' and watch the wasted man-hours pass by.
Somebody is late for the meeting? Just adjust the counter without stopping the clock.

If you're afraid to be caught red-handed using this anti-corporate app, let it work in background and check the results later!

Please be aware, you are using this application at your own risk! The developers of this app are in no way liable for the consequences of someone seeing you use it at a company meeting!

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