Mobile Voter is the candidate's first grassroots tool to organize voters door-to-door. It's perfect for a candidate who is knocking on doors, working for votes. Mobile Voter has the following attributes:

* It drops pins on households with different colors for party affiliation
* A candidate or volunteer simply touches the location button, and the MobileVoter app automatically locates the voters around you (no more paper lists)
* One touch of the pin, and the voter record is pulled up
* For each voting household, a candidate or volunteer for a campaign may record support/opposition, yard sign, contribution and tap out a note about the voter
* Records are automatically saved to the cloud database for 'on-the-fly' updating at campaign HQ
* Also contains a page for candidate information, including videos which allow the candidate to speak directly to the voter. This is ideal for volunteers who are canvassing on behalf of a candidate.
* A list view is also available if preferred over the map view
* Yard sign locator allows campaign HQ to see yard sign penetration as they change colors once the sign has been delivered and checked in the app
* Get-out-the-vote function allows an army of volunteers (or even a handful of volunteers) to work door-to-door turnout and record the effort on-the-fly as they hit their assigned doors
* The individual campaign login allows each campaign to have a secure location on the hand-held to manage voter contact efforts
* The store function gives easy access to the purchase of needed campaign supplies

To try out a demo of the app, login with the password 'victory' and then move the map to Davenport, Iowa to see how the mapping effort works.

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