Mobi.ON - Privacy for Everyone



Are you
- Missing important calls while your mobile phone is switched OFF in a movie theatre....
- Scared of keeping your mobile phone ON while you rock your kids to sleep....
- Missing important updates while you are in a very private meeting...
- Can't hear your phone in a sports arena...

Well, the wait is over. Mobi.ON is here!

Don't worry about disturbing others' privacy from the bright light of your phone or that "special" ring-tone. Now you can keep your mobile phone ON at all times, stay informed about important events (Phone Calls, SMS, Calendar and To-Do reminders and more to come) while maintaing your privacy and respecting privacy of others around you.

Mobi.ON uses carefully selected color scheme and user interface to provide you updates on important activities that need your attention while respecting your privacy and privacy of others. You can continue to focus on whatever it is you are doing and let Mobi.ON collect important activities on your phone in one place so when you are back you can quickly glance at the Mobi.ON screen and see what you may have missed. It is like having your own assistant...well a digital assistant.

Now you don't have to be afraid about taking your phone out in a movie theatre. The black and grey color scheme in Mobi.ON app allows you to stay informed about important updates on your phone and not disturb movie guests around you. You can also adjust the font color to suit your reading preference. Never miss an important calls from home again.

Mobi.ON keeps you informed about the following
- Incoming Phone calls
- Incoming SMS messages
- Calendar and To-Do Reminders
- Battery Charge Level
- Set Font color in the app

More features will be coming soon!
- Facebook Updates
- Twitter Updates
- LinkedIn Updates
- Google+ Updates

Give us feedback at, share your stories and tell us how we can improve this app. If you run into any issues using the app on your phone please send us an email as well. Android has hundreds of combinations of mobile phones and software versions so even though we have tested this app thoroughly there may be some phones where you experience some issues.