MS Windows Keypad



Special keyboard for MS Windows users on PC.

The smartphone or tablet is next to the PC keyboard and serves as a specially tailored keypad for MS Windows programs.
(This app is used as an accessibility tool for speeding up work while a Microsoft Windows program is running on the computer.)

With just one touch e.g. the following functions can be performed on the computer that otherwise would require tedious keyboard shortcuts:

- creating, opening, saving, printing and closing documents
- find documents
- copying, cutting, deleting and pasting of documents and text
- mark, replace, undo and redo commands
- usage side end or beginning, scrolling page forward and backward
- usage mail and internet

Two selectable layouts with different assignments of keys are available.
There is a German and an English layout available..

The connection to your computer is done via WLAN/WiFi.

In order to use the app, a corresponding receive program has to be installed on your computer. On your PC, go to: to the page “download”.

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