MUGL - Multi-Up Grocery List



MUGL - Multi-Up Grocery List

A work in progress! MUGL will eventually implement a very useful spin on grocery shopping and general list making. It is currently targeting Android 4.0 with limited support for previous Android OS versions.

The MUGL project is 100% free/libre open source and its development is funded by user donations. The source code is available on github (see link below) to encourage amateur Android programmers to fork their own version of the app and potentially contribute to the main branch. The entire project is developed in Android Studio 0.3.0+.

This application should be considered UNSTABLE until further notice.


+ Batch Item Adding - Hit "Enter" after each item in dialog then input next item (newline separated).
+ Color Picker - Use color pickers to choose item text checked/unchecked colors.

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keywords: grocery list, list making, productivity, free libre open source software

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