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The Ultimate Kitchen Timer!

Multiple Timer is a simple concept. You need to keep track of many things at the same time. You need to start, stop, and pause individual timers.

When cooking dinner, I need to keep track of how much longer the carrots need to cook and also how much longer until the chicken is done. In the past, I've done the math in my head. Now, I create a timer for each dish. And I can save this group of timers as "Dad's excellent Chicken dinner".

My kids spend too much timer on the computer, so I set time limits. They get on, they get off, they stop for dinner. It's difficult to keep track of. So, now I create a timer for each of the kids. I can start, pause, and stop each of the timers when they get on or off the computer. I save this group as "Kids computer time".

Multiple Timer is here to help you keep track of many things at once.

You can set different alarm bells for each timer.

Alarm bells include:
1. A rooster crowing
2. A bicycle bell
3. A sports whistle
4. A cow bell

Quit using your stopwatch and doing the math in your head. Try Multiple Timer.

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