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    My Sales Dialer(Patent Pending) A very handy mobile call center type dialer application for Android Phones that lets sales people utilize a full featured call center type of dialer from their android phone. The app empowers the sales people to free themselves from office dialer while enabling same level of productivity.

    My Sales Dialer is true dialer that has the ability to make 100s of calls with one touch of a button without punching in any phone number. Please checkout video with DEMO at the end.

    It has handy predefined folders for Clients, Prospects, Leads as well as allows one to create custom folders based on various criteria of their choices.

    It also has handy features like importing the contacts from android address book, sending SMS, email, mobile call or office phone call for any contact.

    It does preserve the privacy of the callee by marking Do-Not-Call to a given contact.

    It has very handy features like remembering where dialer was left off in a given contact list and resume from that point, instead of from the beginning.

    We are very excited to present this tool to the market place and hope it would be a great productivity tool for sales folks.

    Please download user guide from

    -My Sales Dialer Team!

    Please visit our website for pricing including training, support and volume discount.

    The following are the new features added in Release 2.4:
    1) Ability to create and execute reminders with one click
    2) Ability to create reminders while prospecting
    3) Ability to start the call from any contact instead of from the beginning by selecting the radio button next to the contact row.
    4) Ability to skip a specific contact while dialing
    5) Ability to send sms message larger than 160 characters.
    6) Ability to use email/sms template from contact detail as well as while call prospecting.

    The following are the new features added in Release 2.3:
    1) Enhanced All Contacts view
    2) Ability to do disposition of contact right after the call in "Call Prospecting Mode".
    3) Ability to send email to the contact immediately after the call in "Call Prospecting Mode".
    3) Ability to send sms to the contact immediately after the call in "Call Prospecting Mode".
    5) New functionality added to create and manage SMS and email template with name personalization. The templates can be used in "Call Prospecting Mode" to send personalized SMS or email with pre-created messages.

    The following are the new features Added in Release 2.2:

    1)Ability to import contacts from CSV File by mapping CSV fields with internal contact fields.
    2)Ability to export processed contacts to CSV file
    3)Ability to Pause after each call with Stop and Resume button (No need to use back button)
    4) Ability to run the dialer in auto dial mode
    5)Ability to run the dialer in call prospecting mode to update contact, add notes immediately after the call before resuming to the next contact.
    6) Manage Custom List including deleting custom list
    7) Performance Improvement and bug fixes

    8) Patent Filed, Details below:
    Application Number 61478496
    Confirmation Number 7699
    Title of Invention: My Sales Dialer (An Auto Dialer for Android based Phones)
    Receipt Date: 23-APR-2011
    Application Type: Provisional

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