myBantu Personal Assistant



*** myBantu - Siri Alternative on Android. Even Better. ***

Get Personalized recommendations for Movies
* Get showtimes and trailers for the top box office movies
* View local theaters around and movie listing
* Browse movie DVD’s and look for shopping deals
* View fan ratings and read reviews from Rotten Tomatoes
* Add movies to your Netflix queue

Get Personalized recommendations for Dining
* Find restaurant by name, cuisine, distance or ratings
* Reserve tables and make reservation online for free
* Read restaurant reviews and visitor ratings
* Share restaurants you like with your friends and followers

Shop easily online with relevant & actionable recommendations
* Get product recommendations from 2200+ vendors
* Compare prices, read reviews and buy online
* Refine by price, category, brand and store
* Get online coupons

Discover the local places with personalized recommendations
* Discover and read reviews about local businesses near you
* Get contact details, location address and phone numbers
* Read user reviews and ratings
* Refine by distance, ratings and other options
* Share places to friends by email, on Facebook, on Twitter or on your profile page.

And More
* Ask friends for opinions by email, Facebook, Twitter or profile page, and get the latest talk of the town and reviews on any recommendation.
* Get online coupons for the products, stores and almost everything else.

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