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This app will allow you to store all your grow data as it grows, including pictures and growing help. Obtain useful information about any stage and share your experience with other growers exporting and importing plants in a 100% graphic environment. You will also have access to strains, grow rooms, feeding plans, products, all types of cares and a lot more. Everything you need to record your grow data in a graphical and intuitive way.

The data is stored inside myGrow in a safe place, no one will find a photo or any data on your device that you have not previously exported, everything is hidden until you open the app. There are many free apps that also can block unauthorized access to the app. You won't find here unwanted permissions, accounts, gps location, phone indentity access or anything suspicious.

Graphic history of each cannabis plant provides an overview of their life cycle, accessing the data graphically; fertilizers, irrigations, prunings, status changes, heights, photos, etc.. Everything at a glance and easy. When u export a plant all this information is exported with it, allowing the person who recieve the file to see everythig related with the plant. And been able to import strain info and feeding data.

The plant list gives you plenty of information with graphics and colors. Schedule events to get notified and get to myGrow from the calendar notification. Take pictures and fill the history with them to have later visual reference.

myGrow includes information on marijuana strains well known for medical use, an unbranded product list to create and customize your feeding plans by extending them to your liking. Feeding plans allow you to plan and remember how much fertilizer or any other products should receive your plants every week according to the stage they are. You can create as many feeding plans as you need and it is as easy as reading the label of your products.

myGrow tells you how many daylight hours you have where you are but can not locate your position because it is discreet and private. It also provides a weather forecast and moon phase information. Check daylight hours or moonphase in a simple and graphic way for any date of the year.

Indoor spaces can calculate the electricity cost, the light needed for the cultivation stage and amount of extraction needed.

You can sync myGrow with all your android devices with a Bluetooth conection. You can take your grow out with your mobile and use the tablet at home, no problem.

Next step? we are building an exclusive and private network inside myGrow for you to see other's shared plants for asking, commenting, posting, etc.

If you have any issues or questions please email me to

Greetings from myGrow dev.

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