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MyLifeOrganized: To-Do List's review


MyLifeOrganizer is one of the most complete organizer for Android

  • Thousands of options
  • Nearby feature
  • Sync to the PC
  • Projects and goals
  • Full integration with GTD (Get Things Done)
  • It's difficult to get the hang of it
  • Too many features. Chaotic

"On the right track"

I'm pretty sure you haven't tried an organizer like this. It's probably the most complete tasks organizer regarding features and managing options.

Besides the basic tools like setting events, alarms, calendar warnings, notes, etc. there are other many features that I've seen in specific apps but not in a generic comprehensive organizer app. MyLifeOrganized put all of them together. It allows you to organizer your tasks into projects and break down large tasks into reasonably sized actions. It's fully integrated with GTD (Getting Things Done®)·

You can sort tasks by different criteria and filter them, bookmark tasks and many other management options. Besides tasks, you can set goals (weekly, monthly goals) and monitor your progress. However, what I really liked was 'nearby' and 'sync with windows' features.

"Nearby" provides a list of actions for your current GPS locations. That's it, it lets you know when you're close to a place where you have something scheduled. "Sync" allows you to transfer your tasks to your PC (Windows) using MyLifeOrganized (MLO) cloud service, or via Wi-Fi sync.

There are themes, locations, different views, and inbox of tasks among many others things. For this reason, it's a bit difficult to get the hang of it. However, if you really need these amount of features, you will do it quite fast. It's user-friendly UI and good-looking layout contributes to that purpose.

If you want to have comprehensive control over your tasks, appointments, projects, goals... and let everything tied, this is definitely your app. High recommended.

This app was featured in one of our videoreviews. Watch it here.

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