Myriad Functions - Lite



Calculator application with more than 350 formulas in-built from various categories like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Conversion, Finance, Electrical, BMI and Area Volume. Facility to edit formulas to suite your requirements. (For complete version download "Unlimited Formulas")

- 70+ Conversion Formulas
- 70+ Physics Formulas
- 5 Maths Formulas
- 20+ Chemistry
- 80+ Finance Formulas
- 50+ Electrical Formulas
- 15 Area_Volume Formulas
- "General" category added so that user can tryout editing formula, and create their own formula in trial version
- Categories like Recent, Most Used to give quick access to recently used and most frequently used functions.

- Write formulas using mathematical functions like abs, acos, asin, atan, ceil, cos, exp, floor, log, round, sin, sqrt, tan, rtod (Radians to Degree) , dtor (Degree to Radians).

- Use of mathematical operators *,/,+,-,^, (),!

- Edit already present formula
- Write your own formulas (In Full Version)

- Internet, phone & network state: For ads

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