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    IMPORTANT - This version will remove your current database, so please export your information before installing.

    A lot of new changes in this version and a whole newly designed interface!

    -Compass This allows you to track back to a position you may have seen an important sighting. This is especially useful if you're returning to a site after some period of time and want to trace a particular object. It should be noted that this will take you to the area and should not be used as a walking or mountaineering compass! It's not accurate enough.

    -Sites. This allows you to save off all your sightings under a particular site. "Woods near Home" for example.

    -Reset database. This makes it easier to reset everything back a blank canvas.

    Help file. This will be available from the 30th March online at please contact me at for any questions and suggestions.

    This application allows you register sightings of Birds, Flowers, Insects or any of your own nature categories, and log the sightings GPS location and count information about your your sighting. From here, you can export the sighting information to a KML file for uploading to Google Maps,

    To use, you select Add Sighting and wait for the GPS icon to turn green and then start entering your sightings. You can Save and Repeat to keep the same information which is good if you're walking an area to log the same species, but still have the date and time and GPS location automatically updated, Using Save and New to enter a different species type.

    Go to the list form to see the information you've entered, and click an entry to edit the basic sighting information, and from here you can export data to a KML file for uploading to Google Maps, or to a CSV file for analysis in a spreadsheet. You can also clear the data at this point to set-up for a new days analysis of sightings.

    The intention of the application is purely scientific, for people interested in mapping different types of nature sightings, and it's purposely been kept very lean and simple for that reason.

    Please email me at with ideas and concepts and I will be happy to look at them in future versions. This is my prime application for development in the future, so you can be sure of future updates.