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Neo Calculator is a calculator developed for Android.
Its design facilitates recurring calculations and simplifies repetitive calculations for the arithmetics, trigonometrics and conversions functions.
It fits all the profiles and terminals through the many display options, input and calculation.

- 3 calculation screens
- Multi-line calculations on-screen history
- Memories manager
- Customizables conversions (currencies, units, ...)
- Use your phone's keyboard or on-screen buttons to edit your expression
- Copy and use expressions/answers from history
- Results in decimal, scientific or engineering notation
- Rounding editable results
- Arithmetics fonctions : %, √, exp(), ^, log(), ln(), !
- Trigonometrics fonction : cos(), sin(), tan(), Arccos(), Arcsin(), Arctan()
- Trigonometrics fonctions use radians or degrees
- 2 customs buttons
- Support of installing to the SD card

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