NFC Robot Task Assistant



NFC Robot Task Assistant automates common tasks by using NFC tags.

NFC tags are these little stickers you place around. Every time you tap your phone on the tag, Robot Task Assistant will do a chore.

The tasks it can perform:
Opening/Launching an app
Muting the ringer
Raising the volume, lowering the volume, muting volume
Play/Pause Music
Play Music
Stop Music
Go to the next song
Go to previous song
Send an SMS (if you configure it)
Send an email (if you configure it)
Turn bluetooth on/off
Turn wifi on/off
Turn data sync on/off
Turn airplane mode on/off
Set ringer normal/vibrate/off
Close the application
Run an arbitrary shell command*
Shutdown the phone*
Reboot the phone*
Show a Toast / Popup Message

And many more coming!

Please email me to submit requests! I'm looking to develop more functionality and make it better!

Please email me if you have any questions or concerns. I'm making new versions of the product often, so please check back and keep it updated!

Some tasks* require root access, such as rebooting the phone.

Added Upload Tag Log to Google Drive. Experimental. May be temperamental!

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