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First of all,
since I'm Japanese and not good at English,
you may find some mistakes in description. If so, I'm sorry.

This App enables you to display memos to your status bar.
It is useful for you to jot down a line or two without making a file for it.

You can send the content of your memos to other apps.
Even you can receive texts from other apps, and display as your memo.

Display as many memos as you wish simultaneously. 3 lines per memo is set as
a default.
* Depends on a device, you may display over 3 lines per memo.


When starting up this app, an input dialog window will show up.
Enter you memos, and tap on a「memo」button, your memo will display in a
status bar as a notification.

Tapping on a memo enables you to use these functions as follows:
* share memos --- share the contents of your memo with your mailer, twitter
client, text editor, and even with other apps.

* See details --- By tapping the contents of the notes that appear at the top, you can also see displays in the notification area not quite.

* edit --- enables you to edit memo.

* copy --- making a copy of your memo to your clipboard.

* copy & delete --- making a copy of your memo to your clipboard and delete
an original one at the same time.

* delete.
* delete all memos.

A message is displayed when an output goes wrong.
It may be improved by the reboot of a terminal.

The color of an icon can be chosen.

An orange and pink are added to a font color.

A push on an enter key will add a option which carries out the same operation as a "Write" button.

A memo can output as a .txt file.
* Please note garbled character code is written to a file other than UTF-8.

Notes are now displayed again without the need for "Reload notes" during the update of the app.

Movable by drag (Beta)
Only in normal mode. Please set the setting screen.

When a text was received by share, the option which can do a memo directly without displaying an edit display was added.
Added support for "Mushroom" of "Simeji(JapaneseIME)"

Even when the power is turned off, to hold the notes.
Notes will be restored automatically when the power is turned on.
If not restored, please tap the "Reload notes" of the configuration screen.

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