Are you a resident of Noida ? Are you visiting Noida ? If yes, this is the app for you.

Noida - The Location App offers a convenient way to find locations of various facilities across the city of Noida.

You can search across more than 40 categories ranging from restaurants, pizza outlets, attractions, hotels, gyms, hospitals, medicine stores, bank atms, fuel stations, malls, entertainment centers, salons, spas and much more.

The listings are manually created which means that this will be an evolving app where we will remove,edit and add listings based on your feedback and our ongoing research.

The map integration is done with google's map technology and the search results will show the listings based on your search criteria along with an estimation of the distance from a particular location with a link to the map version as well.

You have the several options to decide your whereabouts. You can select your phone location settings, pick your own location or use the more powerful and ready to access pre-defined locations in Noida.

We have pre-defined hundreds of locations which will come to good use if you have not enabled the location settings in your phone or just want to explore the listings imagining that you were in some other location in Noida.

Every person in Noida (and visiting Noida) has a need for this app. Noida - "The Location App" is a solution to a problem and we will keep listening to you and improve the quality of listings over time.

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