Notepad's review


Notepad gives you a place to jot down your thoughts and ideas.

  • Partial auto save
  • Paint
  • Easy to use
  • Update erases data
  • Doesn't always save
  • Obtrusive ads

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"Doesn't Quite Meet The Expectation"


The ideas behind Notepad are great, but the actual use and operation of the app are not. The app looks outdated, it doesn't run smooth, and even though the app claims to save without you having to save, it only does it if you hit back. The free version also features ads, and these ads are not placed well. They make reading and writing difficult and always seem to be in the way. But, if you can get past all of that, the app has a few neat features. Not only can you type notes and lists, but you can also draw and create. Or use your finger to write your list in paint.


When the app works, it's easy to use. And it's fun. You can draw pictures or sketch out an image if you want. The app also saves your notes for you, as long as you hit the back key.


The app is more of a headache than it is worth. It has too many ads that are just too big. It glitches and crashes and doesn't always save your documents.

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by Molly

Apr 29, 2015

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