Notes AR AllPurposeNotes LITE



Store and manage your multimedia notes:
- Add drawings, audio tracks, photos and videos to your Geo-referenced notes
- Capture photos/videos in a row with custom cameras
- Listen to the contents of your notes
- Navigate through your notes in 2D (map) and in 3D (Augmented Reality)
- Find path and directions to your notes
- Set reminders to your notes


- In devices with low heap memory, sometimes it's not possible to store several pictures and/or photos in memory. If this problem occurs frequently, please try one of the following steps before launching application:
* Stop application manually ('Settings' -> 'Applications' -> 'Manage applications')
* Reboot the device


- Only 3 notes can be created
- Export note contents is not available
- Management of notes' categories is not available
- App widget is not available
- Backup/restore of notes is not available

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