What is OasisWiFi?

A free app that allows you to discover movistar WiFi points closest to where you are, and to report service outages.

How I can connect to movistar WiFi hotspots?

Most of the flat-rate data from Movistar allow free access to Wi-Fi Zone. Just connect your mobile device (mobile phone / smartphone / USB modem with Movistar line) to the Wi-Fi network named "Telefonica" and follow the instructions on the web access.
If you do not have a movistar data flat rate you can purchase access codes (1 h or 24 h) in the place / location where the WiFi point is or online via the address http://www.movistar.es/ wifi

How I can make my own version of the app?

We have developed an API that lets you integrate movistar's WiFi points info in your apps. If you are interested in developing on this API contact us at soporte@movilforum.com to get your own APIkey.

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