ObEdit: An editor



This editor has been made mainly to edit ObHealth exercise scripts. It has also proved handy to view files with extensions most applications will not show.


Menus are available both by a long press on the screen or with the general menu of the application head.

Edit - Correct text.
Undo - Undo previous action.
Redo - Redo last undo.
Cut - Remove selected and put it on clipboard.
Copy - Copy selected and put it on clipboard.
Delete - Delete selected.
Paste - Insert clipboard content.
Find/replace - Find or replace text.
Select all - Select all text.
Find - Find text within the text.
Find next - Find or replace the next occurance.
Replace - Replace the text within the text.
Header - Set header (only for HTML text)
Font - Set font (only for HTML text)
Insert - Insert picture (only for HTML text)
File - File handling.
New - Make a new text.
Open - Open a text file
Save - Save the text file
Save as - Save the text file with a new name
Print - Print the text (ObPrint must be installed)
Tools - General Settings.
Html/Plain - Define document type for New.
Capital Sentence - Sentence with capital letters
Auto correct - Correct words
Auto complete - Complete words

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