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Tutorial: Step by step
★General Info: When Ohm’s Law Calculator Ad Free is first opened all fields are reset. Only two of the field should be ✔ checked at one time. For the equations to work two of the four variables need to be known and entered correctly.
★Step 1: Enter a known variable into a field. Insure that the metric prefix is correct as this can greatly affect the equations outcomes. The field should turn green.
★Step 2: Enter the second known variable into a field. Again, insure that the metric prefix is correct and the field should turn green.
★Step 3: The remaining fields will turn blue and will contain the correct solutions.
★Note: If three variables are ✔ checked they will turn red and wait for one to be unchecked to continue.

Q: What equations does ohms law calculator follow?
A: This ohms law app follows the standard ohms law triangle and the power triangle.

Q: How do I add more significant digits to my results?
A: To add more than the default three digits add zeros to the end of your inputs (ie, 3.2300) and the results will match the inputs significant digits.

Q: Are we adding functions in the future?
A: This app was designed to fit my requirements for my career. If you need extra functions like AC ohms law equations send me an email at CalculatorCo@gmail.com and I will add these features in future updates if enough interest is shown.

Q: How do I submit suggestions or problems about the ohms law calculator?
A: The best way is to send an email to CalculatorCo@gmail.com

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This ohms law app is designed for calculating volts, amps, ohms and watts from two know variables. Ohms Law Calculator Ad Free is a tool and not responsible for its misuse.

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