This application allows you to keep track of the hours you work.

After entering your hours for each day, you can track:

Total hours worked
Regular hours worked
Overtime hours worked
Total pay
Regular Pay
Overtime Pay

NOTE: When you start using this app, hit the 'menu' physical key to access settings. This will let you set up your pay period and other options. If you don't see overtime hours appearing the way you expect, please go through the settings to ensure they match you pay system (the defaults might not).

You can customize the following settings:

NEW: Overtime on per day or per pay period basis
Pay period start date
Pay period length (one or two weeks)
Pay Rate
Overtime Multiplier
Off-the-clock time, for example a 30 minute lunch break

To use the application:

Select the "Add Date" button to add a new work day.
Click and existing workday to edit it.
Hit the physical "Menu" button on your phone and select "Settings" to configure options such as pay periods.

If you were a user of the Overtime Beta application, your data from that application will not carry over into this release version.


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