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As leaders on emergency services departments, it is your responsibility to ensure that when the call comes out, you have the staffing to adequately respond to that call. You may have multiple battalions or crews on standby, but can you honestly say you know if each member is able and ready to respond? What if they ran to the grocery store a town or two away? Did they have a school event to attend with their child? What if they have been drinking that night? Even if they sent you a page or a text message to advise you, in the heat of the moment can you remember who paged out and who didn’t? Welcome to Page-Out! This patent pending process will allow the entire department to see who is available and who isn’t at any time. Each user can page-in and page-out from this application updating the entire department’s network of applications faster than a text message. Think about the amount of time you could save if you knew your staffing wasn’t adequate. You could call for mutual aid early; possibly saving lives. You could recall firefighters to ensure coverage. The options are endless. Page-Out is volunteer emergency services answer to on-call availability.

This is not a stand-alone application. You MUST have a subscription through our website at for this application to function.

Simple – Fast – Easy Set up:
Simply create an account at Once logged in, you can add users and instruct those users to download the Page-Out Fire Application. Using their unique ID number and the departments universal password they can log into the application and are automatically linked with every other user on the department.

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