Paranoid (Battery Alert)



If you are paranoid about conserving your cellphone's long-term battery life, Paranoid is the app for you.
Paranoid notifies you (via a looping ringtone of your choice) whenever your cellphone's battery has been fully
charged. This notification ringtone will stop playing only after the power source of the battery has been unplugged.

Paranoid comes in handy because sometimes it is easy to miss the default full-charge notification sound that comes
built-in with Android (specially when you are far away from your phone), and this notification does not play when the
phone is silent.

Also, Paranoid is a lightweight app - it consumes an average of 3.5 MB while running and takes up around 68 KB of space on your phone. This low RAM memory usage guarantees that Paranoid will remain running longer than other battery indicator apps (including more features and bells and whistles) which take more RAM memory to run, since the higher an application's RAM memory usage is, the more likely it will be shut down when the phone starts running low on RAM memory (specially when the battery is low).

Points to consider:

1) Notification ringtone will play even if the phone has been set to silent or vibrate.

2) Selected notification ringtone will be stored as a user preference.

3) Notification ringtone can only be triggered as long as Paranoid is actively running. If you can see the Paranoid
application icon in the status bar, then the app is actively running.

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