passbx is a secure password storage application for Android.

Now with Android 4 standard look and feel for state of the art devices! (*Ice Cream Sandwich only) STILL requires NO network permissions!

Never lose a password again. Avoid using the same passwords on multiple accounts. passbx protects all your passwords with strong encryption - using AES-256 to protect all user data. Encryption keys are cryptographically entangled with a passphrase which you specify, so the full decryption key is not stored on the device, preventing compromise in the event that your device is lost/stolen. Securely back up your passwords and restore from backup - including restoring to new (compatible) devices in the event of loss of your Android device.

Requires NO network permissions. All data stays on your device. (unless you copy the backup file externally.)

passbx is primarily designed to store username/password pairs, but also allows you to add and remove custom fields.

You may change passphrases at any time, without affecting the underlying encryption.

Android back/menu buttons close the application so you cannot accidentally leave passbx open if it is not running in the foreground.

Encryption is provided by the BouncyCastle library - see for details. The BouncyCastle library is freely available worldwide.

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