password manager - allParole

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    allParole is a password manager with which you passwords, credit cards, banking information, contacts and much more can save encrypted in one app. This password manager, you never forget important access for email accounts and online banking. Below you can get an overview of the functions of the password manager.

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    - A master password
    - 128-bit data encryption
    - Built-in password generator (also without logging)
    - 2 menus (slide / Grid) for selection
    - Open the elements with wiper function
    - Create a Backup
    - Automatic backup (paid version)
    - Recovery of data (paid version)

    Password manager stores:
    - e-mail and Internet accounts
    - computer and office accounts
    - credit cards
    - bank data
    - online payment systems (Paypal, ect.)
    - secret contacts
    - notes

    Available languages
    - English
    - German
    - French
    - Italian
    - Russian
    - Japanese
    - Chinese
    - Korean