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Did you and your friends all had to pay an equal amount of money, but some of you paid in advance for others and are now puzzled what you should pay back to each other? No problem, the Payback Calculator is a free financial calculator that will do it for you! Just fill in the names and amounts and press the Calculate button. A payback scheme is shown immediately, which can be e-mailed your friends too.

Quick ref, tips and tricks:
-You can add as many payers/payments you want.
-When some persons did not pay anything yet, you do not have to add them to the list. Just take them into account when entering the 'Number of persons' value.
-When you want to delete a payment, press the '-' button next to the payment value.
-All currency amounts shown are based on your regional settings of your Android phone.
-All data is persisted, when you start up the program again, you will see the values of the previous session.
-Click the Send message button to e-mail the payback information your friends.

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