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PC Server
- http://npg.kr/down/livecam12.zip

- PC Web Cam Live Stream View
- Motion Detection
- Kakao Talk Notification

1) Introduction:

nLiveCam allows you to remotely monitor PC live video and audio webcam feeds from your android device over Wi-Fi and 3G.

Record and playback (mp4) Motion Detected events and receive Push Notifications on your Kakao Talk App when Motion is detected by your nLiveCam PC Server

- Supported PC : XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7
- Usages : baby monitor, pet cam, nanny cam, spy cam and security camera

2) PC nLiveCam Server installation guide:

2.1) Windows XP : Install .Net Framwork 2.0

2.1) Vista and Win7 : Stop Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service (this service uses 554 port). Optionally Turn UAC ( user account control ) off

2.2) If you use VPN (Hub, Internet Sharing, Router and etc.), you have to setup the port forwarding (8999, 554, and user defined port)

2.3) Windows XP Desktop PC => Display Hardware Acceleration : None
- Control Panel > Display Settings > Advanced Settings > Troubleshooting tab > Move the Hardware Acceleration slider to None > Apply

2.4) Download and unzip from http://npg.kr/down/livecam12.zip
=> Install exe file

3) nLiveCam Setting guide:

PC Server Setting

- Video : Select a webcam video source
- Audio : Select a microphone or strereo mix
- KakaoTalk ID : Input your Kakao Talk SNS ID and Kakao Talk's Settings > My Profile > My ID subject to Search [On]
- Server port : nLiveCam Web Server Port (e.g. 8080)
- Password : Server connection password (alphanumberic only. e.g. pwd1234)
- Config.ini : Call notepad to review your configurations
- Cam Icon : Goto nLiveCam Start Streaming Page
- Program Window Caption : the first IP is External public IP and the second IP is Internal local IP

Android App Setting

Edit Icon : Add your pc configuraton
- Name : Your PC Description
- PC IP : Your Internal or external IP
- Server Port : PC nLiveCam Web Server Port (e.g. 8080)
- Password : Server connection password
- Share Cam : Share your live streaming link

** pc firewall configuration
- unblock pc apps : nLiveCam, isstv, lightTPD, rtpsend

** port forwarding configuration
- 8999, 554 and user defined http web server port (e.g. 8080)

** Uninstall old ffdshow install package in Control Panel

- Keywords : WebCam, Live Stream, iCam, KakaoTalk, CCTV, PCView

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