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Turn your phone into a PDF scanner and store your documents electronically.

  • Create PDFs
  • Easy transfers
  • Different sizes
  • Compatibility issues
  • Hard to find

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"Use Your Phone To Cut Down On Paperwork"


The PDF Document Scanner allows you to scan and take pictures of your documents, turn them into PDFs, and store them on your SD card to later transfer to a CD-ROM or your computer's hard drive. With multiple options in page size, and image saving, there's next to nothing you can't make into a PDF with this app. And once you're image has converted, you can save it, or add it to a cloud storage, such as DropBox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.


The PDF Document Scanner is easy to use and lets you free up space in your filing cabinet. The PDF files are easy to move so you can keep your documents safe, no matter where you are.


The PDF Document Scanner isn't compatible with all phones. If you don't set it up right, it can be hard to find the PDFs once you create them.

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by Molly

Feb 24, 2015

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