Pentesters Pocketbook



Recommended Prerequisites:

* Linux terminal

* Basic networking

* Basic debugging

If you are a serious, and aspiring pentester or security professional, Pentesters Pocketbook will bring you to the level you need to be by teaching you the inside tricks used by cyber criminals today. This isn't just another "hacking app"; Pentesters Pocketbook brings you inside the binary, teaching you what happens inside the wire. Learn how to develop your own exploits, attack a network with various hacking tools along with learning how to make your own in Python, and much more. If you're serious about learning, Pentesters Pocketbook is for you. Some things you will learn:

- Exploit Development

- Fuzzing

- Forensics

- Anti-Virus/IDS bypassing

- Advanced Cross-Site Scripting

- SQL Injections

- Password Attacks

- Network Attacks

- Hack The Hacker

- Wireshark

- Nmap

- Metasploit

- Google Hacking

- Advanced Information Gathering / Doxing

- Bash Scripting

- Python

- Linux

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