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    Phone Content Data Lock Shield is a perfect tool to protect user application private content. If you don't want to other people's unauthorized access you mobile phone or peek your personal message content, this tool should be the best solution you can find in the Android Market.
    We would not only protect your personal APP data content,and also block the run-time activities to make sure no 3rd user could see your private data.

    Do you also have the same problem like us, want to secure your personal privacy data? want to avoid the unauthorized using your mobile device?
    Your mobile device would have personalized software, such as Facebook APP, Line, Skype, E-Mail, Twitter, Blog or Browser visiting history data.
    If someone take your device, it would have the great risk to leak your personal data and information.
    Phone Content Data Lock Shield is a security and protection system tool for mobile private data.
    User could use this tool to select which mobile application you want to avoid the unauthorized usage.
    If other user click this APP, it would show the authentication dialog to block user access your provate data.
    After input the correct password or draw pattern, the blocking authentication dialog would disappear to allow the authorized APP access.
    APP Content Shield would also include the software installation procedures and system properties setup protection,
    it would prevent your mobile device from the invasion of malicious software or modify the system parameters.

    Main functions are listing as below
    1, Blocking any unauthorized APP access to protect your private data.
    2, Provide input password and draw pattern 2 type authentication type.
    3, Provide a security system service to guard the main protection APP.
    4, Avoid the unauthorized software install/uninstall and system property change.
    5, Light process and easy to use.

    APP Content Shield is not only to fulfill the requirements we need. It is really powerful and easy to use to enable the protection mechanism to secure your personal APP.
    For parents of children, we could block the APP to avoid inappropriate information for children.

    We known, there are many inappropriate information in the network for children, this software could also enable parent to set the protection to avoid the

    (Application locks, safes, prevent stealing, camouflage interface)
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